Indoor, Outdoor Stickers & Vehicle Stickers

Our inkjet sticker printing design based on client’s preferences and requests. We satisfy our clients with quality and match with what our client’s requests.

Why Use Inkjet Printing Sticker

Advertising Tools For Business

Inkjet sticker printing function as advertising tools for business, and it’s can apply on wall mural, glass poster and signboard, in order to attract the attention of customers. Inkjet sticker printing also can apply on car bumper, bus sticker and other transports. In terms of advertise your products or services to public people.

Decorative And Interior Design

Besides of business advertisement, inkjet sticker printing also can apply in your own house as interior design. Colourful with different design can make your house become more decorative and comfortable.

Visual Sign For Public

Inkjet sticker printing also can apply on the wall or mural of public areas. It can be an art of mural for public people, and it also can function as visual education or guidance for public people.

Few criteria which will determine what type of stickers to use…

  • Location – Indoor / Outdoor Sticker
  • Printed Or Cut Out Stickers
  • Surface Finishes For Your Stickers
  • Quality Of Stickers

Is Sticker Suitable For You?

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